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Born at Belo Horizonte, Brazil, I didn’t even live one year at the city. Soon my Family went to Rio de Janeiro, where we lived about four years until we move to Vila Velha, Espirito Santo.

In 1994, I joined the Architecture Faculty of Barra do Piraí, interior of the Rio de Janeiro State.

In 1997, I transferred myself to the Federal University of Espírito Santo, in Vitória – ES, where I started to express myself through drawing and abstract painting.

Two years later, I started receiving the first orders of murals and the first invitations to exhibitions.

Despite my interest in architecture – by the way, I was awarded twice by IAB-ES while I was a student – as soon as I graduated I decided to dedicate myself to art.

In 2008 I left Vitória. I chose to set up my atelier in Santos, São Paulo, due the relation of the city with the sea, the harbor and also due the mobility – It was my dream living in a city where I was able to do everything by bicycle.